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Audiobooks Booths & Audiobooks Sound Isolation Enclosures

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Audiobook production are now all the rage and audio production companies are working flat out to convert all paper books into digital audio files. As we all know virtually all recorded music has been turned into digital format and now it’s the turn for books and traditional media.

The availability of audiobooks in a digital form is relatively new and are specifically being introduced to be used by schools, universities, and libraries.

Audio Book

Audiobooks are proving very popular and are a great way to relax. Listening to an audio book also gives your eyes a rest from digital screens. Many people use audio books to save time and can multitask whilst listening to an audio book. For example, you could be cooking, cleaning, gardening, or commuting and still listen to an audiobook.

KUBE audiobook vocal booths are extremely popular with production companies turning books into audiobooks and offer the perfect environment for professional audiobook recording. Obviously to narrate an audiobook you need a quiet audiobooks booth to record and the technical equipment and software to produce the audiobook. The technical equipment and software are relatively cheap but by far the biggest investment is the studio hire and recording time it takes a narrator to convert a book into digital audio files. For example, an 80,000-word novel will end up being approximately 8 hours as an audiobook. However, it will take longer than 8 hours to narrate the audio book as you will need to allow at least double this time (approximately 16 hours) for breaks and retakes. It is estimated that the total time to produce an 80,000-word novel will be in the region or 32 hours from start to finish.

Audiobooks have also become increasingly popular with the end user over the years, providing an alternative way for readers to enjoy their favourite books. A well-produced audiobook can be an incredibly immersive experience, with a narrator bringing the characters and story to life in a way that printed text simply cannot replicate. However, producing a high-quality audiobook requires much more than just a talented narrator and a good story.

One essential element of producing a great audiobook is having a properly designed and equipped vocal booth. A vocal booth is a soundproofed room designed to capture the sound of a person's voice without any outside noise or interference. They are typically small and enclosed, with walls made of specialized sound-absorbing materials that prevent sound from escaping or entering the room. This makes them ideal for recording audio, as they provide a controlled environment where the sound of the voice can be captured in its purest form, without any distractions or interruptions.

Advantages of having your own vocal booth for recording audio books

Noise reduction: One of the most significant benefits of a vocal booth is that it reduces external noise. External noise can include anything from traffic noise to background conversations, and even the hum of electrical equipment. These sounds can interfere with the recording process and can often be heard in the final audio product. With a Kube vocal booth, external noise is blocked out, by creating a room within a room design (an isolated space) providing a clean and clear audio recording.

Improved audio quality: A vocal booth provides an environment where the sound can be captured in its purest form, without any external noise or interference. This along with internal acoustic treatment, such as acoustic panels or studio foam, results in a higher quality audio recording that is free from unwanted background noise or distractions. The sound-absorbing materials help to reduce reverberation, resulting in a clearer and more natural sound.

Consistency: When producing an audiobook, it's essential to maintain consistency throughout the recording process. A vocal booth provides a consistent environment for each recording session, ensuring that the audio quality is consistent throughout the entire audiobook. This is important because listeners will be able to detect changes in audio quality, which can be distracting and take away from the overall listening experience.

Comfort: A Kube Audiobook booth is designed to be a comfortable space for the narrator to work in. The room is typically soundproofed and comes standard with an in/out passive vent duct, allowing fresh air to flow into the booth. Our booths can also be fitted with our silent ventilation system, which sits externally to the booth, keeping sound levels to a minimum, whilst extracting stale air out of one duct, forcing fresh external air to be pulled into the booth at a quicker rate through the remaining passive duct. All in all, ensuring that the narrator can work without any distractions or discomfort. This is important because the narrator may spend hours recording in the booth, and it's essential to maintain their comfort throughout the recording process.

Professionalism: A well-designed and equipped vocal booth is a sign of professionalism. It shows that the producer is committed to producing a high-quality product and is willing to invest in the necessary equipment to achieve that goal. This is important because it can help to establish the credibility of the audiobook and make it more appealing to listeners.

Cost: If you are a professional audiobooks narrator you will no doubt be aware of the costs of hiring a recording studio or audiobooks booth to record your audiobook. Recording studio rental varies from location but is generally in the region of £50.00 - £100.00 per hour. If we take the lower end of the scale and assume £50.00 times our example of 32 hours you will be looking at a cost of £1600.00 per audiobook production. Purchasing a KUBE audiobooks booth is a major investment however the entire cost will be offset after producing a few audiobooks and will be a major asset to your business. In addition, our modular audiobooks booths can easily relocate and moved wherever you go.

To round up, vocal booths are essential for producing high-quality audiobooks. They provide a controlled environment where the sound can be captured in its purest form, without any external noise or interference. This results in a higher quality audio recording that is free from unwanted background noise or distractions. Additionally, a vocal booth provides consistency throughout the recording process, ensuring that the audio quality is consistent throughout the entire audiobook. It also provides a comfortable space for the narrator to work in and helps to establish the professionalism of the audiobook. For these reasons, a properly designed and equipped vocal booth is a vital component of any successful audiobook production. Kube have provided many of the leading audiobook artists and actors in the UK – sorry no name dropping here, we keep all of our customers information completely confidential!

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