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Foley Booths & Foley Sound Isolation Enclosures

Foley Booths

((( Check Out Our Foley Booths Here ))) please contact us if you would like any foley boxes built into the booth floor, we can offer this as a bespoke service and even include walk board lids for them.

A Foley booth is a very specific industry product. People not involved in the media industry will probably never have heard of a Foley booth. The Foley booth, Foley pit, sounds and artists are named after an innovative sound effect artist called Jack Foley who pioneered the concept in Hollywood many years ago.

One major process in the post-sound process of every professional movie is the Foley, which is the art of performing sound effects to match movement on the screen. Common Foley examples include footsteps, chewing, drinking, cloth movement, keys jingling, doorknobs twisting, etc.

Foley artists are the producers of sound effects for film, television and radio, and use practical objects and means, to create new sounds. Foley effects are sound effects are easier and more efficient to perform than to capture.

Foley Booths

Unlike sound effects, Foley sounds are the sounds added towards the end of the production of a video or movie. Foley sounds are created by human interaction, for example footsteps, doorbells, car horns, telephone rings etc.

Foley sound isolation enclosures create an environment to carry out this valuable sound process. Foley booth are simply sound isolation enclosures which contain a number of Foley pits or freestanding items where the sounds are made. For example, a number of areas are constructed (Foley boxes) either in or on the floor and filled with different materials to simulate the sound effect. Foley boxes can be filled with pebbles, foliage, sand, carpet, wood – anything a Foley artist might need to produce cinematic edits!.

KUBE have supplied to production companies around the UK to create sound solutions for many different media applications. We provide bespoke systems, using a variety of products, to match the individual needs of the client.

Visit Our UK Showroom

UK Showroom

Visiting our showrooms is a fantastic way to see at first hand the high quality of our foley booths and foley sound isolation enclosures.

Our purpose built showroom is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Apart from seeing our sound isolation products close up it really is a unique opportunity to discuss your requirements face to face and experience a sound reduction demonstration.

We can show you specific decibel (db) readings of both inside and outside our different sound booths.

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