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Vocal Booths

Kube Vocal Booths – The UK Brand You Can Trust – tried & tested by many of the leading VO actors in the industry.
Kube Vocal Booths are constructed with multiple layers of high quality, sound-absorbing materials on the walls, floor, and ceiling, to minimize sound reflections and prevent sound from leaking into or out of the booth. By providing a controlled acoustic environment, vocal booths can help to ensure high-quality vocal recordings with minimal background noise and other distractions.

Our Vocal Booths, as with all our booths, are manufactured for you. This means you can choose the layout – location of the door and which side its hinged, locations of the cable pass, shelf & vent out (where the fan would sit externally), and finally, choose the colour of the booth – standard colours available at no extra cost are – Anthracite, Light Grey, Red, Blue & Wheat (beige).

Bronze Vocal BoothsMore Details

The KUBE Bronze vocal booth is our most economical vocal booth enclosure. It is the lightest range that we manufacture and is perfect for all types of vocal recording. It helps create an acoustically sound internal space, whilst reducing background noise to bring the noise floor down to a minimum. From £3090.00 exVAT

Silver Vocal BoothsMore Details

The KUBE Silver vocal booth is our most popular and versatile vocal booth. The silver vocal booth is a heavy duty, multi-layer, isolated design for applications requiring professional sound isolation, greater sound control and significant sound reduction. From £3490.00 exVAT

Gold Vocal BoothsMore Details

The KUBE Gold vocal booth range is a heavy-duty multiple layer sound isolation vocal booth enclosure. Based on the Silver vocal booth construction but with the added benefit of a secondary inner isolation layer on the ceiling, floor, and all walls, creating an isolated space within the existing booth, helping to reduce noise levels even further and making the range suitable for all scenarios.
From £6090.00 exVAT

Diamond Vocal BoothsMore Details

The KUBE Diamond vocal booths are designed to achieve neutral acoustics with no parallel walls. The unique diamond shape with non-parallel walls reduces standing waves, reverberation, and flutter echoes, making the internal space perfect acoustically for voice recording. From £3590.00 exVAT