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FREE Kube Air Ventilation And Silencing System With Every Vocal Booth Or Sound Isolation Enclosure Ordered Before The 31st DECEMBER 2017

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As specialist manufacturer of sound isolation enclosures we can supply you with the highest quality vocal booths, phone booths, meeting pods and meeting rooms at the most affordable price complete with outstanding customer service and aftercare. From our production facility in the UK we manufacture sound isolation enclosures ready to install or deliver anywhere in the world. The Kube modular design provides a cost effective long term sound isolation solution, designed not only to last a lifetime but also because of its portable modular design it can move with you were ever you go. Each sound isolation enclosure can be easily dismantled and setup again in a different location.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of sound isolation enclosures in use around the world today. There is no doubt that a Kube sound isolation enclosure will help you achieve superior sound control. A Kube sound isolation enclosure offers the perfect solution for quality sound control in both home, professional, work and home environments. Sound isolation enclosures are currently being used to significantly reduce acoustic and ambient noise for a myriad of uses including: Vocals (Acting, singing, voice over, recording, practise and rehearsal) , Musical Instruments (Practice, recording and rehearsal) Television & Radio (Broadcasting, narration, recording, mixing and overdubbing) Music Studios (Recording, rehearsing, tracking, mixing and overdubbing) Schools, Colleges & Universities (Music and language tutorials, teaching, practise and rehearsing), Business, Corporate, Governmental & Military (Confidential interviews, meetings and telephone communications), Advertising & Marketing (Commercials, animation, book readings and audio advertisements) Medical (Audiology, testing, development and laboratory work) Scientific (Controlled testing) Consumer (Product testing and evaluation) and many many more........

Vocal BoothsMore Details

Vocal Booths

One of the most popular use for one of our sound isolation enclosures is as a vocal booth. From £3490.00 exVAT

Vocal Booth Video

Telephone BoothsMore Details

Telephone Booths

Our unique modular telephone booths are used in professional work environments to conduct private or confidential telephone, conference and video calls. From £3490.00 exVAT

Meeting PodsMore Details

Meeting Pods

An isolated environment perfect for those important meetings with staff or clients From £6995.00 exVAT

Meeting RoomsMore Details

Meeting Rooms

Perfect for making private or confidential telephone calls, conference or skype calls, without anyone overhearing. From £6995.00 exVAT

Acoustic PanelsMore Details

Acoustic Panels

From £31.00 exVAT

Acoustic ScreensMore Details

Acoustic Screens

A range of acoustic screens to reduce ambient noise in busy offices From £190.00 exVAT

Sound Isolation EnclosuresMore Details

Sound Isolation Enclosures

A range of high quality modular sound isolation enclosures for a multitude of uses. From £3490.00 exVAT


The quality of my double wall vocal booth with air flow is amazing...this is very serious top notch equipment! Also the price I paid could not have been more reasonable...especially when compared to most of the outrageously expensive vocal booths on the market today. You manufacture great products and I wish you all the best for the future. Mr Able, UK

The results we have been able to achieve with your sound isolation enclosures are nothing short of amazing. As you know we operate a music recording and production studio in London and without your vocal booths we would never have been able to multipurpose our business. An added feature is that we and clients can also use the booths to to make or take private phone calls. Brilliant service and products. We will be ordering 2 more sound booth units very shortly.
Thank youMr Williams, UK