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Compare The Market

Compare the Market

At Kube, we feel that it’s always important to check the options that are available to you and that the product you are searching for, whether it’s an acoustic booth or a new car, is suitable for use, worth the money & is going to keep up with your evolving requirements. Although there are limited manufacturers and suppliers of vocal booths & sound isolation booths world-wide and even fewer in the UK, each supplier differs in price and has different options and build methods to offer.

Below is a simple comparison chart, comparing the main manufacturers supplying services in the UK, which all offer at least one similar product in design, construction methods and dB reductions.

Compare the Market

At Kube, we offer 3 main vocal booth and isolation booth ranges – Bronze, Silver & Gold – each of which have many suitable uses and advantages. We always make sure that each customer is getting the right booth before any payments are made.

Let’s take a look at the ranges that we manufacture, and compare them


Compare the Market

Our bronze range is a versatile, lighter weight and cost-effective solution suitable for many uses, from voicer over recording through to music practice and much more. The build composition is very similar to some of our competitors. This range has two options, a single wall and twin wall design.

The single wall design is constructed from specialist acoustic cloth carpet and medium density fibre board, which cleverly seals together to form an almost air tight space,which can be treated internally to suit countless acoustic environments making it very versatile.

The Bronze Single Wall Design will effectively reduce noise levels by 30dB on average – very impressive.

The Twin Wall Design, is exactly that – a double layered isolated booth with the all-important air gap between both layers, increasing the average sound reduction levels to 46dB!

Just like the single wall design, each panel interlocks to seal every single joint, creating the perfect music practice booth, VO recording booth, podcast booth, audiobook recording booth….the list seriously, just goes on.

The main 3 advantages of our Bronze Range are:

  • It’s a lighter weight sound reductive booth range, making them easier to transport & taking the worry out of placing them on secondary floors.
  • It’s cost effective, whilst still offering a fantastic average noise reduction of 30dB -46dB.
  • A single wall design can be upgraded to a twin wall design at any time, ensuring that if your circumstances for sound control change, the Kube Bronze Range can keep up with you.

Pricing and more information


Compare the Market

The Silver Range is our most popular range – with quad-layered walls consisting of two thicknesses of medium density fibre board, heavy duty felt and rubber isolation barriers, acoustic insulation and acoustic cloth carpet lining, this range ramps up the noise reduction levels, especially at higher sound output levels.

With an average sound reduction level of 51dB and when used as an ‘isolation booth’ aka a ‘room within a room set up’, even greater sound reduction can be achieved.

A heavy-duty design, still fully portable and suitable for almost any use from drum practice & vocals, through to post production and podcasting.

The main 3 advantages of our Silver Range are:

  • This range is fully customisable, including, but not limited to – Size (can be made to fit), Height, Colours, Lighting, Internal & External Finishes, Internal Acoustic Treatment Options, Cable Management & Custom Windows & Doors.
  • The Silver Range has a simple assembly method due to its unique quad-layer construction, designed by Kube. Minimizing fixings and effort.
  • Concealed baffled passive ventilation ducts – keeping the external faces of the booth smooth and free from clutter and allowing the user to maximise the space available.

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Compare the Market

Our Gold Range is the ‘boss’ of sound isolation enclosures, boasting a 6-layer construction inclusive of its own isolation barrier, internal air gaps and 6 layers of differing materials to effectively reduce noise levels.

As a robust, sound reductive structure that can still be relocated, the gold range offers the best sound reduction levels currently available on the UK market.

Just like our Silver Range this range is fully customisable – Size, Height, Colours, Lighting, Internal & External Finishes, Internal Acoustic Treatment Options, Cable Management & Custom Windows & Doors.

Each Gold Range Isolation & Vocal Booth sees an average sound reduction of 58dB. When used an isolation booth (a room within a room set up) the Gold Range really comes into its own and it suitable for almost any use.

The main 3 advantages of our Gold Range are:

  • Thanks to its robust, heavy duty 6-layer design, it offers the best possible sound reduction levels for a relocatable sound isolation structure.
  • Like the Silver Range, It’s fully customisable ensuring that your Gold Sound Booth can be made to suit your space, use and style.
  • Value for money – although the Gold Range Isolation & Vocal Booths are the most expensive booths that we manufacture, you can rest assured that with the quality of the build and the materials used within each structure, that you really are getting the most for your money, which being from Yorkshire, is at the top of our ‘must have’ list!

Pricing and more information


This ultimately depends on various factors from the intended use, the existing space you have available and of course budget.

The Bronze Single Wall, Bronze Double Wall, Silver & Gold Range Vocal/Isolation booths, are all suitable for pretty much any use where sound control is required (see our uses pages). How they differ is mainly the sound reduction levels and options that each range offers. They can all be acoustically treated internally for a fantastic recording environment, and all effectively reduce noise levels.

We are committed to offering honest sales advice to ensure that you are getting the correct product and fully understand the capabilities of the product you are purchasing. To protect the consumer and selfishly, our own reputation, we will never sell a product that we feel will not meet our customers specific needs.

If you are located outside of the UK, see our shipping cost guide.