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Silver Vocal Booths

The KUBE Silver vocal booth is our most popular vocal booth enclosure, tried, tested and loved by many of the UK’s leading voice over artists.

This range of vocal booths is a heavy duty, multi-layer, isolated design for applications requiring professional sound isolation, greater sound control and significant sound reduction both internally and externally. This range is great for all types of recording, especially VO work.

The layered construction and engineering is designed to reduce background noise to a minimum and help achieve a low noise floor. Each vocal booth includes a single-entry door with an acoustic fixed glass window and enough acoustic studio foam to cover approximately one third of the internal area. Each vocal booth will create an isolated environment and reduce background or external noise. KUBE vocal booths provide sound isolation and separation from the existing room.

Our Silver Vocal Booths, as with all our booths, are manufactured for you. This means you can choose the layout – location of the door and which side its hinged, locations of the cable pass, shelf & vent out (where the fan would sit externally), and finally, choose the colour of the booth – standard colours available at no extra cost are – Anthracite, Light Grey, Red, Blue & Wheat (beige).

Select your size

1.0m x 1.0m Silver Vocal Booth

Product Information

1.0m x 1.0m

Technical Information

External Walls: 1000mm x 1000mm
External Height: 2100mm
Walls, Roof & Floor Thickness: 80mm

Decibel Reductions:
4000Hz - Internal 99.2dB - External 38dB Reduction 61.2dB
1000Hz - Internal 101dB - External 55dB Reduction 46.0dB
500Hz - Internal 98.5dB - External 52.8dB Reduction 45.7dB
200Hz - Internal 92.1dB - External 38dB Reduction 54.1dB

What's Included:
1 x Circular LED Ceiling Light
1 x 30cm x 70cm Double Acoustic Door Window
1 x Passive Ventilation System
1 x Sealed Cable Outlet
1 x Acoustic Foam Pack - Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam Panels - Grey - Covers Approx. 1/3 Of The Booth
1 x Colour Choice - Anthracite, Light Grey, Red, Pacific Blue or Beige
1 x Bespoke Set Up - Choose the Door Location & Hinge Side, Cable Outlet Location & Vent Out Location

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Main Construction
The Kube Original Vocal Booth Design – offering a standard average sound reduction of 51.75dB without any additional isolation!
When this range is used as an isolation booth (in a dedicated room and to act as a ‘room within a room’) near silence can be achieved. Our Silver Vocal & Isolation Booths are a heavy duty design, made from a combination of 18mm MDF, 9mm MDF, Internal Air Gap Framing, 50mm Acoustic Insulation & layered Acoustic Felt & Rubber Matting, all finished with a Quality Acoustic Cloth Lining, 80mm thick.
As with all our booths, our Silver Vocal & Isolation Booths are manufactured for you. This means you can choose the layout – location of the door and which side its hinged, locations of the cable pass, shelf, ventilation baffles and finally, the colour – the five standard colours available on our Silver Booth Range are Anthracite, Light Grey, Pacific Blue, Red & Beige.

Double Acoustic Door Window
Each Silver Booth comes standard with a double acoustic wall window measuring 30cm wide x 70cm tall. The composition of all Silver Booth windows is:
10mm Toughened Glass
14mm Air Cavity – Black Spacer
6.4mm Double Acoustic Laminate Glass
Often Referred to in the industry as ‘night club glass’.

Ventilation System
All Silver Booths come standard with an acoustically baffled, integrated ventilation system, keeping the air in your booth clean, fresh & cool.
This system allows air to passively travel in and out of the booths without affecting the noise reduction levels.
This sleek integrated design avoids any external boxes being fitted to the exterior of each Silver Vocal or Isolation Booth.

Our Air Flow Baffled Ventilation System can be purchased with your booth - the active ultra-silent fan units sit separately from the booth and is connected via a 100mm acoustic lagged ventilation duct hose, to stop any vibrational sound transfer. This unique system cleverly removes warm stale air from ceiling level and pulls fresh cool air in, at floor level. Each Ventilation System is remotely controlled for ease of use. NOTE – larger booths have multiple vent outlets.

Cable Management
A fully sealed cable pass is mounted to each Silver Vocal & Isolation Booth, allowing up to 10 cables to be passed through each, allowing plenty of space for ethernet, audio, computer and power cables . Additional cable passes can be added to all models to suit your specific requirements. If you require specific wiring looms, we can fit and supply custom patch panels to all of our booths, keeping your cables tidy and easy to use. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Acoustic Studio Foam
Each Silver Booth is finished as standard in a high-grade acoustic cloth carpet. In addition, all Silver Booths are supplied with a 2” thick specialist acoustic foam panelling to help you achieve a Live or Dead acoustic space internally whenever required – all panels simply attached to the internal walls with Velcro and can be rearranged at any time.
Need more? – see our optional extras for additional acoustic lining options from our contemporary Acoustic Slat Wall Panels to our deep fill Bass Traps.

LED Lighting
Let there be light – your Silver Booth comes standard with Circular LED Lighting, controllable with the same remote that controls the ventilation system. Each light is switchable from a warm or day light setting to suit your preference.

UPGRADE – check out our colour changing Acoustic Studio Panel Lights and our LED 6060 RGB Lights below in the optional extras section.

Remote Plug As mentioned above, the lighting and ventilation systems are controllable via remote. Each Silver Booth comes standard with remote switching.

Order Direct From The Manufacturer

At KUBE we only deal directly with the client. We do not supply our products to wholesalers or retail outlets. Supplying direct ensures we can offer you THE best quality sound isolation enclosures at the most competitive prices. Dealing directly with the manufacturer gives you many benefits including: superior product knowledge and advice, large stock range, ability to order bespoke or custom products and optional extras, superior customer services, ongoing support, extended guarantee periods and the best possible prices. We currently manufacture hundreds of different sizes of sound isolation enclosures with three different levels of sound isolation (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Modular Construction

We work closely with our customers to address noise problems across a diverse range of industries. Each sound isolation enclosure is designed to meet specific noise reduction specifications. As a "room-within-room" it provides optimum sound insulation and room acoustics for a variety of applications. KUBE sound isolation enclosures consist of high grade multi layered acoustical panels, completely pre-fabricated in our own manufacturing facility in the UK. All sound isolation enclosures can be fully constructed within a few hours without the use of any specialist tools other than a cordless screwdriver drill. The KUBE modular design provides a cost effective, long term sound isolation solution, designed not only to last a lifetime but also because of its portable modular design it can move with you were ever you go. Each sound booth can be easily dismantled and setup again in a different location.

Acoustic Glass Windows - Made to Measure

Each sound isolation enclosure door is supplied with an acoustic glass window. The acoustic window comprises of specialist double glazed acoustic glass panels with an air space between. Only specialist acoustic glass is used in our sound isolation enclosures because of their superior noise reduction capabilities. The inclusion of a window does not reduce the sound reduction capabilities and actually improves interior sound reflections. The glass window enables communication between people outside and inside the enclosure either by hand signals, written media or via an audio link through the sound booth cable passage. Optional acoustic glass windows can also be added to any sound isolation enclosure if required, we have a standard wall window measuring 0.72m x 0.72m, however we can offer bespoke window sizes on all our Silver & Gold Range Vocal & Isolation Booth Ranges.

KUBE Air Flow Ventilation System

Customers can purchase any KUBE sound isolation enclosure with or without an air ventilation system. The KUBE Air Flow Ventilation System eliminates heat build-up and regularly exchanges the internal air content during long term use. The KUBE Silent Air Flow Ventilation System combines the above benefits whilst utilising a silent electric fan.

Five Year Product Guarantee

When you buy a new KUBE sound isolation enclosure you can rest assured that you are covered by a comprehensive 5 Year product guarantee. You should note that most suppliers do not offer the same type or length of guarantee and typically offer the standard minimum 1 Year guarantee.


We are committed to supplying the most reliable sound isolation enclosures to clients in the UK and around the world. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, however should a problem occur at any time in the future, we promise to look after you. We know our success depends upon your success and complete satisfaction. As a specialist manufacturer we will always be able to supply replacement parts, upgrades and options if required.

UK & Worldwide Shipping

From our production facility in the UK we manufacture and ship our products to any location in the world. We offer a fast, flexible and affordable UK and worldwide shipping service to your particular destination. As each sound isolation enclosures size is different (shipping costs are dependent upon size and weight) we will ensure that we provide you with the most economical shipping quotation. We utilise many different companies and ask them to individually quote for each shipping service. This ensures the latest competitive price which we pass directly onto you the customer.

UK Showroom

Visiting our showrooms is a fantastic way to see at first hand the high quality of our sound isolation enclosures. Our purpose-built showroom is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Apart from seeing our sound isolation enclosures close up it really is a unique opportunity to discuss your requirements face to face and experience a sound reduction demonstration. We can show you specific decibel (dB) readings of both inside and outside the different sound isolation enclosures we manufacture.


Choose Your Options

  • Custom Colour: BespokeCustom Colour: Bespoke0.00 exVATQuantity
    All enclosures are supplied finished in Anthracite (Dark Grey) fabric on the inside and outside. Any enclosure can be supplied with a custom colour upon request. Please call for further details and pricing.
  • Custom Height Custom Height 0.00 exVATQuantity
    The standard external height for our sound isolation enclosures is 2.1m. As a dedicated manufacturer we can also offer reduced or increased height versions upon request. Please call for further details and pricing.
  • Custom WindowsCustom Windows0.00 exVATQuantity
    Custom size acoustic windows are available for all of our sound isolation enclosures. Manufactured to your specific size. Please call or email for further details and pricing.
  • Delivery & Installation ServiceDelivery & Installation Service0.00 exVATQuantity
    We offer three delivery options - Pallet Delivery & Personal Van Delivery, for self assembly, or Delivery Complete with Onsite Installation Service to any UK postcode. Pricing depends upon your particular location and the size of the booth ordered. Please contact us for further details and pricing.
  • Bass TrapsBass Traps10.00 exVATQuantity
    Acoustic sound absrobing foam. Bass traps are designed to trap and absorb sound where it can reverberate, specifically in 90 degree corners. Each foam is set at a 45 degree angle to fit snug into a 90 degree corner and measures 30cm tall. This acousitc foam profile is particularly useful for absorbing low end frequencies, hence the name ‘bass trap’.
  • Castor WheelsCastor Wheels10.00 exVATQuantity
    All sound isolation enclosures are designed for easy assembly and disassembly when moving from one location to another. The heavy duty castor wheels option enables you to easily move the enclosure within the same location. Price each.
  • Wheelchair Access Ramp Wheelchair Access Ramp 100.00 exVATQuantity
    Wheelchair ramp to provide access into a sound isolation enclosure. The wheelchair access ramp is light, quick and easy to install and can be used either as a temporary or permanent solution. To be used in conjunction with the optional wide access door. Price each.
  • Slatted Acoustic Panels Slatted Acoustic Panels 105.00 exVATQuantity
    Slatted Acoustic Wall Panels offer additional sound absorption reducing reverberation and increasing reduction levels. Any booth can be supplied with interior and or exterior Slatted Acoustic Wall Panel finish - height customised to booth - Colour: Golden Pine. Price per linear metre.
  • Acoustic Studio Panel Light RGBAcoustic Studio Panel Light RGB160.00 exVATQuantity
    The perfect addition to any studio. The panel has excellent sound absorption and a LED backing light programmable, with endless colour options. Acoustic foam colours: Grey, Red, Blue or Purple. Standard size 640mm x 640mm Bespoke sizes available – please email us your preferred size
  • LED 6060 Colour Changing Light LED 6060 Colour Changing Light 195.00 exVATQuantity
    Optional LED light panel, 60cm x 60cm. This light offers every single white light, from warm to daylight, along with every colour on the spectrum. It also includes full dimming and is controlled easily by remote.
  • Studio Foam Panels - AnthraciteStudio Foam Panels - Anthracite2.50 exVATQuantity
    Professional grade acoustic studio foam panels. Available in Anthracite (Dark Grey) to match the interior colour of our isolation booths. Each panel measures 1ft x 1ft and comes complete with Velcro fastening strips. Price each.
  • Remote SwitchRemote Switch20.00 exVATQuantity
    Remote switch package for operating internal and external electrical connections (eg air ventilation system) from inside the sound isolation enclosure.
  • Wide Access DoorWide Access Door200.00 exVATQuantity
    Wide access door to allow wheelchair users to easily and freely pass through a doorway on a sound isolation enclosure. A minimum clear opening width of 830mm or 33 inches is recommended. Upgrade price from our standard door size. Price each.
  • Acoustic Wall WindowAcoustic Wall Window250.00 exVATQuantity
    Acoustic 72cm x 72cm wall window. Specialist acoustic multiple layer laminated glass window. Acoustic laminated glass is used because of its superior noise reduction capability and safety features. Bespoke sizes are available. Please call for details and pricing. Price each.
  • Electrical SocketElectrical Socket30.00 exVATQuantity
    Matt-black 8 way extension socket with extension cable. For convenient connection through the sealed cable outlet. Price each.
  • Checker Plate Steel Corner PostsChecker Plate Steel Corner Posts45.00 exVATQuantity
    Checker plate steel corner posts to enhance the look of your sound booth. Price each.
  • Lockable Door HandleLockable Door Handle45.00 exVATQuantity
    Optional lockable door handle with keys. Includes internal thumb turn safety device to prevent anyone being accidentally been locked inside the enclosure. Price each.
  • Air Flow Sound Baffled Ventilation SystemAir Flow Sound Baffled Ventilation System450.00 exVATQuantity
    The air flow sound baffled ventilation system reduces heat build up and regularly exchanges the internal air content during use. This specialist sound baffled fan is currently the worlds quietest fan and eliminates any possible fan noise from the sound booths. Price each.
  • Studio Foam Panels - ColouredStudio Foam Panels - Coloured5.00 exVATQuantity
    Professional grade coloured acoustic studio foam panels. Available in a purple, red, orange and blue. Each panel measures 1ft x 1ft and comes complete with Velcro fastening strips. Price each.
  • Brushed Aluminium Corner PostsBrushed Aluminium Corner Posts60.00 exVATQuantity
    Brushed aluminium corner posts to enhance the look of your sound booth. Price each.
  • Custom ShelfCustom Shelf60.00 exVATQuantity
    Custom made internal and external shelving is available for all of our sound isolation enclosures. Manufactured to match the internal Anthracite (Dark Grey) acoustic fabric of the enclosure. From 60.00 - Please call for further details and size pricing.
  • LED Ceiling Light - 217mmLED Ceiling Light - 217mm65.00 exVATQuantity
    Single LED ceiling light. Additional LED ceiling lights can be purchased depending upon your particular lighting requirements. Price each.
  • LED Ceiling Light - 330mm LED Ceiling Light - 330mm 75.00 exVATQuantity
    Optional LED ceiling panel light. 1200mm x 600mm high performance LED panel light. Price each.
  • Pollen Filter SetPollen Filter Set90.00 exVATQuantity
    Optional pollen filter which is located in between the sound isolation enclosure and air flow ventilation system. The pollen filter keeps the air that flows into the enclosure clean and improves the performance of your air ventilation. Price each.
  • Anti Vibration Floor MattingAnti Vibration Floor Matting95.00 exVATQuantity
    Sound proofing acoustic rubber sheet matting. High density, polymer based, soundproofing rubber sheet. 5mm thick. Price per m2.
  • Sealed Cable OutletSealed Cable Outlet95.00 exVATQuantity
    The sealed cable outlet is a two part unit which offers acoustic protection where cables are required to pass through the walls or ceiling. Price each.