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Bronze Zen Pods

KUBE Bronze Zen Pod – The affordable space where employees can visit to focus on their emotional and mental well-being. Overworked staff can use the zen pod to destress using various mindfulness practices.
The zen pods can be decorated with plants, leaflets, connected to music or linked to an interactive workplace apps such as Calm. With optimised premium acoustics, members of your team will be able to focus on their well-being in comfort and privacy with reduced and ambient noise levels.

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1.0m x 1.0m Bronze Zen Pod

Product Information

1.0m x 1.0m

Technical Information

External Walls: 1000mmW x 1000mmD
External Height: 2060mm

Each booth includes:
1 x Slim Line LED Light Panel with Remote
1 x Ventilation System
1 x Matching Work Space Shelf
1 x Double UK Socket, USB A & C Type Socket
1 x Sealed Cable Pass
1 x Standard High Gloss or Matt Colour Choice - Black, Onyx Grey, White, Red - Bespoke Colours & Logo Engraving Available

Decibel Reductions:
Standard: 25dB Sound Reduction
Average sound reduction with white noise ranging from 200Hz-4000Hz
Average test level 90dB. A normal office environment is around 80dB

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Main Construction
Our Bronze Zen Pods are made from a combination of high grade Melamine Faced MDF & Recycled PET Panelling, totalling 31mm thick - carefully engineered to create a sealed and acoustically sound environment.
The use of PET Acoustic Wall Panelling means each booth contains nearly 500 recycled plastic bottles, helping the environment whilst reducing nuisance noises, giving you space to think and relax.

As with all our booths, our Bronze Zen Pods are manufactured for you. This means you can choose the layout – location of the door and which side its hinged.
Available in a wide range of colours at no extra cost.

Acoustic Door Window
Each Bronze Zen Pod comes standard with an opaque acrylic door window to keep the booth feeling airy by letting in light. Although others can see when its occupied, the opaque acrylic adds privacy for the user .

Active Ventilation System
All Bronze Zen Pods come standard with an acoustically baffled, external ventilation system, keeping the air in your booth clean, fresh & cool. This unique system cleverly removes warm stale air from ceiling level and pulls fresh cool air in, at floor level. Each Ventilation System is remotely controlled for ease of use.

Cable Management
A cable pass is mounted to each Zen Pod, allowing up to 10 cables to be passed through each, allowing plenty of space for ethernet, audio, computer and power cables, keeping your cables tidy and easy to use.

Integrated Shelf & Power
A sleek, colour matching shelf, fitted with an integrated power bank complete each Bronze Zen Pod. This makes charging your devices breeze and provides somewhere to pop your laptop, notes and coffee down.
Power – 2 x 3 pin UK 13Amp Plug Points – 1 x USB C Type Point – 1 x USB A Type Point.

LED Lighting
Let there be light – your Bronze Zen Pod comes standard with Circular LED Lighting, controllable with the same remote that controls the ventilation system. Each light is switchable from a warm or day light setting to suit your preference.

UPGRADE – check out our colour changing Acoustic Studio Panel Lights and our LED 6060 RGB Lights below in the optional extras section.

Remote Plug
As mentioned above, the lighting and ventilation systems are controllable via remote. Each Bronze Pod comes standard with remote switching.
Each Kube Zen Pod is manufactured here in North Yorkshire using only the highest quality materials, machinery, and of course, a good old pair of hands.

Benefits Of Using A Kube Zen Pod

At Kube, we always strive to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing materials locally where possible, ensuring they are sustainable, and by using recycled materials where ever possible.
Our booths can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location and have been carefully designed to offer the privacy you need in an open plan office setting. Kube booths are currently the only Phone Booths manufactured in the UK, meaning they are also the most Eco friendly phone booths available in the UK. A simple design, yet effective, robust and great value, in comparison to the only other options available on the UK market, commonly imported from China, Europe & the US.
Privacy: One of the primary advantages of using a Kube office phone booth is the ability to have private & confidential conversations. In an open office layout, it can be challenging to maintain confidentiality during phone calls. Our phone booths provide a quiet and isolated space where employees can discuss sensitive matters away from others.

Reduced Distractions: Open-plan offices can be noisy and filled with distractions, making it difficult to concentrate during phone calls. Telephone booths offer a quieter environment, allowing employees to focus better on their conversations.

Increased Productivity: With reduced distractions and improved concentration, employees can be more productive when using telephone booths. They can make important calls, participate in conference calls, or conduct interviews without interruptions.

Improved Communication: Clear audio quality is crucial for effective communication. Kube phone booths are designed to minimize background noise, resulting in better call quality and fewer misunderstandings.

Flexible Workspace: Kube Range of office booths are designed to be modular and movable. This flexibility allows companies to rearrange their office layouts as needed without the hassle of rewiring or relocating fixed phone lines.

Space Efficiency: Phone booths are more space-efficient than traditional meeting rooms. They take up less square footage and can be strategically placed throughout the office, making the most of available space.

Health and Safety: Especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, telephone booths provide a safe and hygienic space for employees to have in-person or video conference meetings while maintaining physical distancing.

Cost Savings: Kube phone booths can be a cost-effective solution compared to constructing permanent meeting rooms with soundproofing and additional infrastructure. They require less investment in terms of construction and maintenance.

Employee Satisfaction & Wellbeing: Providing a private and quiet space for employees to make phone calls or engage in virtual meetings can contribute to higher job satisfaction. It demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and comfort.

Branding and Design: Many companies cusomise their Kube phone booths to align with their brand aesthetics and office design. This adds a unique and attractive element to the office environment. We can also offer logo engraving with coloured insets to really finish off your booth.

Order Your Soundproof Phone Booth Directly From The Manufacturer

KUBE is a specialist manufacturer of soundproof phone booths and specialist sound isolation enclosures and is well known in the Music, Radio and TV industry. Having identified that all alternative phone booths are manufactured overseas and imported to the UK we decided to change the landscape and offer a UK made product for UK companies! From our dedicated UK facility, we manufacture high quality soundproof phone booths using state of the art CNC and production machinery. Our phone booths are manufactured using 90% recycled materials which are sourced locally. The majority of any waste produced from our manufacturing process process are also recycled locally.

Five Year Soundproof Phone Booths Guarantee

When you buy a KUBE soundproof phone booth you can rest assured that you are covered by a comprehensive 5 Year Guarantee! Should a fault develop within the 5 Year Guarantee period, we will replace any faulty component or repair at our UK manufacturing facility. As a dedicated manufacturer you can also be confident that we keep everything in stock and any parts or options required can be sent very quickly. Here at KUBE we are committed to providing you with the very best quality phone booths, with competitive prices and customer service all backed by our unrivalled 5 Year Guarantee.

UK Showroom

Visiting our showroom is a fantastic way to see at first hand the high quality of our phone booths and sound isolation enclosures. Our showroom is located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Come and see a KUBE soundproof phone booth close up and experience a sound reduction demonstration!


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