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Acoustic Phone Booths

KUBE Acoustic Phone Booths

The KUBE acoustic phone booths are used in professional work environments to conduct private or confidential telephone, conference and video calls. According to a recent survey over half of all employees in open plan offices state the lack of privacy is a major issue, especially when trying to conduct important communications to clients. Background noise from colleagues talking or on the telephone causes distraction and lack of concentration. The KUBE acoustic phone booths have been engineered to create an isolated environment to reduce background noise and provide separation from the existing room. You will be able to conduct private and confidential communications without unwanted background noise.

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1.0m x 1.0m Kube Acoustic Phone Booth

Product Information

1.0m x 1.0m

Technical Information

Walls: External: 1000mm x 1000mm
Walls: Internal: 860mm x 860mm
Height: External: 2100mm
Height: Internal: 1960mm
4000Hz - Internal 99.2DB - External 57.1DB Reduction 46.1DB
1000Hz - Internal 101DB - External 63.8DB Reduction 37.2DB
500Hz - Internal 98.5DB - External 62.3DB Reduction 36.2DB
200Hz - Internal 92.1DB - External 60.1DB Reduction 32.0DB
All External DB Reading Taken 1.0m From Acoustic Phone Booth


Order Direct From The Manufacturer!

At KUBE we only deal directly with you the client. We do not supply our products to wholesalers, dealers or retail outlets. Supplying direct and not through a "middle man" ensures we can offer you THE most competitive pricing. You will no doubt be aware that similar products are retailing at more than double the cost of our products. Dealing directly with the manufacturer gives you many additional benefits including: superior product knowledge and advice, large stock range, ability to order bespoke or custom products, optional extras and ongoing support.

Optimum Sound Isolation

We work closely with our customers to address noise problems across a wide range of industries. Each acoustic phone booth is designed to meet specific noise reduction specifications. As a "room-within-room" it provides optimum sound isolation. KUBE acoustic phone booths consist of high grade multi layered acoustical panels, completely pre-fabricated in our own manufacturing facility.

Colour & Finish Options

As a dedicated manufacturer of acoustic phone booths, we are able to offer a range of over 50 different external and internal colours. In addition, we are able to offer many bespoke external or internal finishes that may be required.

Acoustic Door Window & Side Window Panel

Each acoustic phone booth includes an acoustic glass door window and acoustic side panel window. This makes it easier for members of staff to see that the acoustic phone booth is in use or occupied.

Supplied Fully Assembled or Modular

Each acoustic phone booth can be supplied fully assembled for immediate use. Please ensure that you have a minimum 1.05m access width (doorways) to the proposed site area. Alternatively, where there is a narrower access to the site area the acoustic phone booths can be supplied in a modular panel format. The acoustic phone booth can be assembled in less than an hour without the use of any specialist tools other than a cordless screwdriver drill. Each acoustic phone booth provides a cost-effective long-term solution, designed not only to last a lifetime but also because of its modular design it can move with you were ever you go. Each acoustic phone booth can be easily dismantled and setup again in a different location.

Five Year Product Guarantee

When you buy a new KUBE acoustic phone booth you can rest assured that you are covered by a comprehensive 5-year product guarantee. You should note that most suppliers do not offer the same type or length of guarantee and typically offer the standard minimum 12-month statutory guarantee. It is worth taking into consideration our comprehensive 5-year guarantee when buying as it can make a big difference if something should go wrong.


We are committed to supplying the most reliable acoustic phone booths to clients in the UK and around the world. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, however should a problem occur at some time in the future (even after our 5-year guarantee period), we promise to look after you. We know our success depends upon your success and complete satisfaction. As a specialist manufacturer we will always be able to supply replacement parts, upgrades and optional extras if required.

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