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Bronze Range

KUBE Bronze Range

The KUBE Bronze Range is our most economical sound isolation enclosure. The Bronze range is a single-wall design for applications requiring extra sound isolation or a controlled recording environment. This booth is more often used for home and studio applications where there is minimal exterior sound issues. The state of the art construction and engineering is designed to reduce ambient noise. Each sound isolation enclosure includes a single entry door and an acoustic fixed glass window. Each sound isolation booth will create an isolated environment and reduce background or external noise. KUBE sound booths provide sound isolation and separation from the existing room.

Select your size

1.0m x 1.0m Kube Bronze Booth

Product Information

1.0m x 1.0m

Technical Information

Walls: External: 1000mm x 1000mm
Walls: Internal: 860mm x 860mm
Height: External: 2100mm
Height: Internal: 1960mm
4000Hz - Internal 99.2DB - External 57.1DB Reduction 46.1DB
1000Hz - Internal 101DB - External 63.8DB Reduction 37.2DB
500Hz - Internal 98.5DB - External 62.3DB Reduction 36.2DB
200Hz - Internal 92.1DB - External 60.1DB Reduction 32.0DB
All External DB Reading Taken 1.0m From Sound Isolation Enclosure



Acoustic Foam Panels

Each KUBE sound isolation enclosure is supplied with a number of acoustic foam panels which attach to the interior walls. The foam panels can be moved around the interior to suit your specific requirements. Additional acoustic foam panels can be also added for to accommodate different sound requirements.

KUBE Air Flow Ventilation System

Customers can purchase any KUBE sound isolation enclosure with or without the KUBE Air Flow Ventilation System. The air flow ventilation system eliminates heat build-up and regularly exchanges the internal air content during long term use.

Modular Construction

We work closely with our customers to address noise problems across a wide range of industries. Each acoustic sound isolation enclosure is designed to meet specific noise reduction specifications. As a "room-within-room" it provides optimum sound insulation and room acoustics for a variety of applications. KUBE sound isolation enclosures consist of high grade multi layered acoustical panels, completely pre-fabricated in our own manufacturing facility. Each modular acoustic panel is precision cut to ensure accurate component fit. In addition each panel is completely covered with an attractive anthracite dark grey acoustic cloth material.

Acoustic Glass Windows

The sound isolation enclosure glass window comprise of double glazed acoustic glass panels with an air space between. Only specialist acoustic glass windows are supplied in our sound isolation enclosures because of their superior noise reduction capabilities. The inclusion of a window does not reduce the sound reduction capabilities and actually improves interior sound reflections. All KUBE sound isolation enclosures include one acoustic glass window. The glass window enables communication between people outside and inside the enclosure either by hand signals, written media or via an audio link through the sound booth cable passage.

Assembly and Disassembly

Each sound isolation enclosure can be fully constructed within a few hours without the use of any specialist tools other than a cordless screwdriver drill. Each sound isolation enclosure provides a cost effective long term solution, designed not only to last a lifetime but also because of its modular design it can move with you were ever you go. Each sound isolation enclosure can be easily dismantled and setup again in a different location.

Uses & Applications

Vocals, Practice & Rehearsal, Instrument Recording, Drum Isolation, Film & Television, Audio Video Production, Voice Over & Voice Acting, Broadcast & Podcast, University & Education, Government & Military, Audiology & Medical Testing, Trade Shows, Advertising & Marketing, Scientific Testing, Consumer Testing Product Evaluation, Quiet Rooms or Sensory Booth, Office Telephone Booth, Work Rooms and much more……


We are committed to supplying the most reliable sound isolation enclosures to clients in the UK and around the world. Our products are designed to last a lifetime, however should a problem occur at some time in the future, we promise to look after you. We know our success depends upon your success and complete satisfaction. As a specialist manufacturer we will always be able to supply replacement parts, upgrades and optional extras if required.

Five Year Product Guarantee

When you buy a new KUBE sound isolation enclosure you can rest assured that you are covered by a comprehensive 5 year product guarantee. You should note that most suppliers do not offer the same type or length of guarantee and typically offer the standard minimum 12 month statutory guarantee. It is worth taking into consideration a comprehensive 5 year guarantee when buying as it can make a big difference if something should go wrong.

UK & Worldwide Shipping

We offer a fast, flexible and affordable UK and worldwide shipping service to your particular destination. As each sound isolation enclosure size is different (shipping costs are dependent upon size and weight) we will ensure that we provide you with the most economical shipping quotation. We utilise many different companies and ask them to individually quote for each shipping service. This ensures the latest competitive price which we pass directly onto you the customer.


Choose Your Options

  • Access Ramp Access Ramp 100.00 exVATQuantity
    Aluminium wheelchair ramp to provide access into a sound enclosure. The ramp is quick and easy to install and can be used either as a temporary or permanent solution. To be used in conjunction with the wide access door.
  • Acoustic Studio Foam PanelsAcoustic Studio Foam Panels5.00 exVATQuantity
    Professional grade open cell polyurethane acoustic studio foam panels. Available in a range of different colours. Each panel measures 1foot x 1foot and comes complete with Velcro fastening strips. Price per panel.
  • Anti-Vibration PadsAnti-Vibration Pads10.00 exVATQuantity
    High quality, multi layed anti-vibration and shock isolation pads, Ideal for mounting between a Kube vocal booth or sound isolation enclosure and a timber floor to reduce vibrations and achieve additional acoustic properties. Price per pad.
  • Castor WheelsCastor Wheels10.00 exVATQuantity
    All sound isolation enclosures are designed for easy assembly and disassembly when moving from one location to another. The castor wheels option enables you to easily move the booth within the same location. Price per castor.
  • Custom Colour: Black Custom Colour: Black 5.00 exVATQuantity
    All enclosures are supplied finished in Anthracite (Dark Grey) fabric on the inside and outside. Any booth can be supplied with a custom Black interior and exterior fabric. Price per square metre.
  • Custom Colour: Light Grey Custom Colour: Light Grey 5.00 exVATQuantity
    All enclosures are supplied finished in Anthracite (Dark Grey) fabric on the inside and outside. Any booth can be supplied with a custom Light Grey interior and exterior fabric. Price per square metre.
  • Custom Colour: WheatCustom Colour: Wheat5.00 exVATQuantity
    All enclosures are supplied finished in Anthracite (Dark Grey) fabric on the inside and outside. Any booth can be supplied with a custom Wheat (Light Brown) interior and exterior fabric. Price per square metre.
  • Delivery & Installation Service 1Delivery & Installation Service 10.00 exVATQuantity
    KUBE can offer either a pallet delivery or a vehicle delivery complete with onsite installation service to any UK postcode. Pricing depends upon your particular location and the size of the booth ordered. Please call for further details.
  • Double LED Light BoxDouble LED Light Box125.00 exVATQuantity
    Each sound isolation enclosure already includes one single LED light box, Additional double LED light boxes can also be purchased depending upon your particular lighting requirements. Price each.
  • Electrical SocketElectrical Socket30.00 exVATQuantity
    Aluminium and matt-black 6 way extension socket with 3m extension cable. For convenient connection of data processing\video and audio sets directly through the sealed cable outlet. Earthed sockets in a 45° arrangement, for angled plugs complete with Illuminated 2-pole on\off safety switch. Price each.
  • Entrance StepEntrance Step75.00 exVATQuantity
    The sound isolation enclosures are supplied with a floor section and as such the door is raised from the normal ground level. An entrance step creates awareness to the door level particularly for new or commercial users.
  • Kube Air Flow & Silencing System 1Kube Air Flow & Silencing System 1200.00 exVATQuantity
    The Kube air flow and silencing system eliminates heat build up and regularly exchanges the internal air content and reduces fan noise during use.
  • LED Ceiling Panel Light - 600mm x 600mmLED Ceiling Panel Light - 600mm x 600mm125.00 exVATQuantity
    LED ceiling panel light complete with mounting frame. 600mm x 600mm. The LED light provides a long lifespan, low power consumption and is manufactured from shock resistant materials. Price each.
  • Sealed Cable OutletSealed Cable Outlet75.00 exVATQuantity
    Every sound isolation enclosure includes one sealed cable outlet. The sealed cable outlet is a two part unit which offers acoustic protection where cables are required to pass through the walls or ceiling. Price each.
  • Single LED Light Box Single LED Light Box 75.00 exVATQuantity
    Each sound isolation enclosure includes one single LED light box, Additional single LED light boxes can also be purchased depending upon your particular lighting requirements. Price each.
  • Wall WindowWall Window200.00 exVATQuantity
    Acoustic glass 30inc x 30inc wall window. Specialist acoustic glass double glazed wall window with an air space between. Other sizes are available. Please call for details and pricing.
  • Wide Access DoorWide Access Door200.00 exVATQuantity
    Optional wide access door. Wheelchair users need space to be able to pass freely though a doorway. A minimum clear opening width of 830mm or 33 inches is recommended. Please call for size options.