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Music Rooms

The KUBE soundproof music room is supplied with an acoustic glass door leading into an entrance porch. From the entrance porch a specialist double soundproof door leads directly into a professionally soundproof "room within a room" live practice area. Includes external acoustic fixed glass window. The Kube Soundproof music room is fully insulated to Building Regulations for use all year round.

Room Within A Room

The KUBE soundproof music room construction comprises of a primary outdoor room and a secondary inner room. The secondary room is built using specialist soundproof acoustic materials. The secondary room is isolated from the primary room by using sound isolation connecting components and a sound barrier mat and acoustic boards. This use of specialist soundproofing and acoustic materials in the building creates a perfect music practice area.

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3.0m x 4.0m Music Room

Product Information

3.0m x 4.0m

Technical Information

External Room: 3100mm x 4100mm
External Room: 2500mm x 3500mm
External Entry Porch: 1400mm x 100mm
External Height: 2500mm

Decibel Reductions:
Reduction Source Noise Level - 110dB
Frequency Range - 200-4000Hz
Decibel Reduction - 65dB




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