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Music Rooms

The KUBE soundproof music room is supplied with an acoustic glass door leading into an entrance porch. From the entrance porch a specialist double soundproof door leads directly into a professionally soundproof "room within a room" live practice area. Includes external acoustic fixed glass window. The Kube Soundproof music room is fully insulated to Building Regulations for use all year round.

Room Within A Room

The KUBE soundproof music room construction comprises of a primary outdoor room and a secondary inner room. The secondary room is built using specialist soundproof acoustic materials. The secondary room is isolated from the primary room by using sound isolation connecting components and a sound barrier mat and acoustic boards. This use of specialist soundproofing and acoustic materials in the building creates a perfect music practice area.

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3.0m x 4.0m Music Room

Product Information

3.0m x 4.0m

Technical Information

External Room: 3100mm x 4100mm
Internal Room: 2500mm x 3500mm
External Entry Porch: 1400mm x 1000mm
External Height: 2500mm

Decibel Reductions:
Reduction Source Noise Level - 110dB
Frequency Range - 200-4000Hz
Decibel Reduction - 65dB



What's Included?

Free Pre-Order Site Survey
Full on-site installation
Free UK Mainland Delivery
Fibre Cement, Composite Wood, Stone or Timber cladding *
Electrics package
Concrete & steel pile foundations
Anthracite PVCu windows and doors
Fully insulated to building regulations
A rated double glazing
Luxury plastered interior
10 year structural guarantee
High quality flooring
Fully Isolated Soundproof Room

Kube Sound Isolation: Elevating Recording Environments

Our hand crafted soundproof garden rooms cater to individuals deeply committed to achieving exceptional recording quality. Built from scratch, onsite, for you.

Within our recording studio range, each setup boasts a dedicated control room or recording area alongside a distinct "room within a room" live practice space. This design ensures a clear separation, optimising the recording process and enhancing the overall experience.

Similarly, our music room range incorporates a separate entrance lobby connected to a "room within a room" live practice area. This configuration maximizes sound control and isolation, ensuring an immersive and professional environment for musical endeavours.

Both our recording and music room ranges are engineered to deliver professional-grade sound isolation. They offer unparalleled sound control, significantly reducing noise levels in professional studios and home environments alike. Both also include a fully isolated sound proof construction, triple door entry and can be built to your exact requirements.

Embraced by professional bands, musicians, and recording artists across the UK, our soundproof garden rooms have become the hallmark of excellence in creating optimal recording conditions. Their reputation for superior sound isolation and control precedes them, making them the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled recording environments.

Discover the difference with Kube Sound Isolation and transform your recording or musical practice sessions into exceptional experiences, where every note resonates with clarity and precision.


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