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Outdoor Recording Studios

KUBE Outdoor Recording Studios

The Kube soundproof recording studio is supplied with an acoustic double patio door leading into a control room. From the control room a specialist double soundproof door leads directly into a professionally soundproof "room within a room" live practice area. Includes internal and external acoustic fixed glass windows. Externally clad in Western Red Cedar tongue and groove timber with cedar timber facias, wall and base profiles. The Kube Soundproof recording studio is fully insulated to Building Regulations for use all year round.

Room Within A Room

In addition to the outdoor building construction the Kube soundproof music room has the additional benefit of a secondary "room within a room" constructed inside the outdoor building. The inner room comprises of a multi-layer combination of specialist sound absorbing acoustic materials. The inner room is decoupled from the outer building structure using isolation connectors and internally lined with a sound absorbing barrier mat and a double skin of specialist acoustic plank boarding. The use of specialist materials and acoustic solutions in all the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows to control noise creates the perfect practice space.

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3.0m x 4.0m Kube Outdoor Recording Studio

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3.0m x 4.0m

Technical Information

Our fully isolated soundproof rooms are designed for the serious and professional musicians out there and consist of a multi-layer ‘room within a room’ design taking noise levels of 100-110dB down to 45-50dB across the frequency range (8000Hz – 200Hz). Tested Noise Levels and Instruments: Acoustic Drum Kit – 110dB – 48dB Reduction – 62dB 400w PA System (Music) – 102dB – 45dB Reduction 57dB Electric Guitar w/ 150w Amp – 107dB – 46dB Reduction 61dB




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