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FREE Internal LED Ceiling Light, Sealed Cable Outlet, Aluminium 6 Way Electrical Socket, Remote Power Switch. Heavy Duty Floor Lining and Internal Detachable Shelf On All Sound Booth Orders Placed Before 30th September 2021

Soundproof Music Rooms

The Kube soundproof music room is supplied with an acoustic glass door leading into an entrance porch. From the entrance porch a specialist double soundproof door leads directly into a professionally soundproof "room within a room" live practice area. Includes external acoustic fixed glass window. Externally clad in Thermowood tongue and groove timber with timber facias, wall and base profiles. The Kube Soundproof music room is fully insulated to Building Regulations for use all year round.

Room Within A Room

The Kube soundproof music room construction comprises of a primary outdoor room and a secondary inner room. The secondary room is built using specialist soundproof acoustic materials. The secondary room is isolated from the primary room by using sound isolation connecting components and a sound barrier mat and acoustic boards. This use of specialist soundproofing and acoustic materials in the building creates a perfect music practice area.

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3.0m x 3.0m Soundproof Music Room

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3.0m x 3.0m

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